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A Very NORMAL Holiday Gift Guide

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A Very NORMAL Holiday Gift Guide

Written by Lucy Wark on 12 Dec, 2022

Reviewed by Georgia Grace (Sex Coach)

Gifting stress can really kill the vibe.

Sick of socks, jocks and crocs? We are too. 

Life is way too short for bad gifts, so your friends at NORMAL are here to save the day with a very special holiday gift guide ✨

Use this guide to find stocking stuffers that keep the good vibes rolling all silly season - and give them* something they'll actually want under the tree. 

*or you. It's been a long year.


Start by taking the pressure off.

Usually we believe in being the best version of ourselves. But this is the holidays - and sometimes happiness is about lowering the bar, not rising to meet it. 

To help you take the pressure off, we spoke with our community to find out the worst Christmas gifts they've ever received - and wow, there were some shockers 👏

It was truly a struggle to pick our bottom five, but finally we got there:

  1. "A figurine/nick-nack (pretty sure he got it off his Mum's dresser) wrapped in 'my fav' shirt of his"
  2. "A cookie jar in the shape of a horse's head"
  3. "Visa gift cards from my besties because they don't know me well enough for a present" 
  4. "Kris Kringle at old toxic workplace. Boss' son gave me a fugly bag from a pharmacy. When I left that job my coworkers and I ceremoniously dumped it in a donation bin"
  5. "Just... individually wrapped wire coat hangers" 

We hope these help you to lower your expectations and feel better about whatever you panic-buy on Christmas eve 😌


Next, let us do the heavy lifting.

We all have those people who are impossible to buy for.

So we've curated our ultimate selection of totally appropriate, awesome gifts they're sure to love: all in one place! 

Note: These recommendations are very much jokes with brands we love, and very much not sponsored content. 


For the person who agreed to host family Christmas and really needs to relax, a back massager:

Charlie $225

A classic that never goes out of style, wand vibrators like Charlie are versatile enough...

Hot tip 🌶️  Grab 25% off massagers like Charlie with the code 'STOCKINGSTUFFER': just order by 20 December for delivery by Christmas.


For the person you'd prefer not to see at next family Christmas: 

A collection of products scattered on a green background, with text reading 'a wilderness prescription from Unyoked' connected by a white dotted line to a folded prescription and yellow anthology


Prescribe them some alone time with Unyoked here.


For the person who forgot to buy a fan before they sold out, a handheld air pulse device: 

Quinn $225

Quinn use pulses of air pressure to stimulate the clitoris (and its 8,000 nerve endings!)....

Hot tip 🌶️  Grab 25% off personal fans like Quinn with the code 'STOCKINGSTUFFER': just order by 20 December for delivery by Christmas.


For the person who polishes off the Christmas brandy before the pudding is out of the oven: 


Get the damage control started early with Yes You Can (we hear they're doing 20% off their Full Experience pack for Christmas, so you can get less than the full experience of Uncle Dave this year). 


For the person who spends Christmas day complaining about how dry it is, something to keep things wet all summer: 

Silicon based lube
Silicon based lube $25

A hydrating, paraben-free personal lubricant. Silicon based lube has a silky feel, is long-lasting and...

Hot tip 🌶️  Grab 25% off cooling gels like this one with the code 'STOCKINGSTUFFER': just order by 20 December for delivery by Christmas.


For the person who eats too much at lunch and falls asleep in the sun every f*cking year Dave: 

Collection of products on green background, with text 'skin shady from 50+'


You prevent the burnt turkey and they'll prevent the burnt uncle, with some sweet sweet Skin Shady 50+.


For the person who just loves their Christmas ornaments, something new to hang on their tree: 

Flynn $160

Flynn is a c-ring (cock ring) that sits around the base of a penis or...

Hot tip 🌶️  Grab 25% off Christmas rings like Flynn with the code 'STOCKINGSTUFFER': just order by 20 December for delivery by Christmas.


For the person who loves to get a little kinky over the holidays, only the strangest of loves: 

Collection of products on green background, with text reading 'yuzu lo-cal sode from Strangelove'

Discover the drink that drink drinkers like to drink here.


For the person who lost the name of their Secret Santa and needs something that will work for everyone at the party:

Billie $160

With a soft, flexible shape designed to curve against your body and sit easily in...

Hot tip 🌶️  Grab 25% off crowd pleasers like Billie with the code 'STOCKINGSTUFFER': just order by 20 December for delivery by Christmas.


And make the holiday a real pleasure.

Georgia smiling and holding sex toys with baubles


Our in-house sex and relationships practitioner Georgia Grace is here to make your Christmas dreams (of sexy, sexy times) come true, with her top tips for holiday intimacy 🥰


Georgia's advice on embracing sexuality over the break: 

A recurring theme presents in session: holiday sex is some of the most pleasurable, memorable and exciting sex you can experience. Often you’re relaxed, staying somewhere nice, you’ve got more time, if it’s hot - you’re wearing less clothes and getting a healthy dose of vitamin D!

Holidays are often the perfect time to try something new and embrace your sexuality as often there’s a change in routine allowing for novelty in your sex lives. Novelty is a well known accelerator for desire and a change of scenery can create the context for a renewed urge for sexual exploration

Ditch the routine. Set aside a day or a weekend without alarms, errands or appointments, and allow for moments of intimacy. It may be work creating a sex menu and trying a few of those things that have been on your mind for a while (these don’t just have to be sex acts or positions - it could simply be flirting with each other more, a sensual massage, showering together or going skinny dipping).


Georgia's advice on gifting a sex toy for the first time: 

It can feel daunting gifting a toy, especially if you don’t know where to start.

Consider any new toy as an addition to your sex life - it’s there to make sex even better. Whether that’s for solo sex or sex with other, think about the ways you / they like to have sex and what there preferences may be - and choose a toy that can be integrated into that

I’d always recommend starting by doing our sex toy quiz: you’ll be recommend a toy based on your sexual needs. And remember we have our 100 night stand policy, so if it’s not quite right, you can always return it and try something else!


Georgia's advice on giving and receiving in bed: 

In session, people will often assume a good lover is someone who’s really good at giving. And whilst this is obviously important - it’s just as important to be a good receiver - and many people struggle with this. Getting in their head, feeling stressed about how they look, smell, or how they’re responding. They often are trying to give the giver a good experience

Ask yourself and your sexual partners - what do you need in order to feel fully relaxed and present while you're receiving? It might also be useful to remind each other that they don’t need to worry about how whether or not you’re tired, or need a break - that you will let them know as soon as you do!

One of my favourite questions to ask is ‘what would make this even better?’. It’s not suggesting that the touch isn’t already good - but how can you change the speed, movement, rhythm, pressure to make it feel even better. It’s your responsibility to give your sexual partners as much information as possible - they are not mind readers!


And with that, it's time to go review our naughty and nice lists 🎅

However you spend it and whoever you spend it with, have a very happy holiday!

With love & lube (always a good idea),