Trade In Your Toys With Normal

We've all been there.

Even the greatest sex toys have a use-by date: a time to be retired and go to the great sex toy store in the sky. And whether you're a hoarder or a tosser, you're probably looking for a good way to see them off. 

But did you know?

Sex toys are the perfect storm for our conventional recycling systems. Between silicone, electronic waste and a history of contact with the body, your usual recycling options (like local government pickups) won't be able to take sex toys.

So they end up going to landfill - not the most sustainable solution! And because sex toys are built to resist the elements, they take a long time to break down. 

Normal is here to help.

Sustainability is important to us, and so we contract with specialist recycling firms to ensure that all returned toys are recycled safely and effectively. If sustainability matters to you (or you're just looking to trade up your collection), try out our Sex Toy Buyback Program. 

How it works

  • Email our lovely customer support team at to request a pickup. 
  • We'll reach out discreetly over email and organise a postage-paid, returnable satchel to be sent to your preferred address.
  • Place your retired toy/s inside and drop it at a post box (no post office trips required).
  • Our warehouse will confirm the toy has been received. We'll email you a store credit of $20 to thank you for doing your bit for the planet! 

    Sustainability just got sexy.