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The Modern Guide to Intimacy

Improve confidence and connection in 120 mins

Video Course 15 topics 120 min

Tips and tricks to level up your techniques
Answers to questions you’re scared to ask
How to improve communication with your partner(s)
Practical exercises to help explore new sensations

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The Modern Guide to Intimacy Free
Evidence based education
For all bodies and identities
Easy-to-follow instructions
Solo & partner-friendly

Course Outline

Section 1. Building intimacy and arousal

Section 2. Tips and tricks

Section 3. Having better relationships

Foreplay & arousal
Learn arousal styles and how to use them
Explore 40+ techniques to finish
Learn anatomy and 15 new techniques
25 proven positions for bedroom play
Sensation zones
10+ areas to focus sensation
Exploring new things
Get inspired with our partners' checklist
This course is for you if....
You want to improve your skills.
Understand your body, explore new sensations, and feel more empowered.
You want to be a great partner.
Learn powerful techniques to explore with a partner and improve your erotic connection.
You want to boost your confidence.
Unpack blockers such as the struggle with feeling present or performance anxiety.
Your Coach

Georgia Grace

Georgia Grace is a certified Australian intimacy coach, working with individuals, couples, and groups in supporting people to build the connections they desire. Georgia's training combines somatics (awareness of the body) with the science behind intimacy to help her clients overcome blockages, form deep connections, and improve confidence.

Georgia also uses her popular Instagram account @gspot._ to educate a wide audience about intimacy, and appears regularly in the media, from writing a column for GQ to chatting about intimacy on The Bachelor, Triple J's The Hook Up and many more besides.


Is this course designed for everyone?

Yes, this is for everyone. No matter your body, identity, or relationship status, this course includes relevant guidance for you.

What do I get with the course?

You receive access to the 15 video episodes in this course through your discreet personal login, as well as a downloadable workbook with over 200 pages of exercises, diagrams and health information to answer all of your big questions.

Is this a subscription or a one-off purchase?

This is a one-off purchase. By buying the course, you're entitled to lifetime access to this content, with no additional payments.

How do I obtain free access as a student?

NORMAL believes our intimacy education is failing young people (and we get how it feels to be learning but not earning so much while you study!). That's why we're offering anyone over 18 who is currently enrolled in higher education (TAFE or university) the opportunity to access this course at no cost. Grab your student ID, take a picture of it and fill in this form. Within 48 hours, our lovely customer service team will send you a personalised discount code to access the course (make sure to add to your safe sender list to ensure you get this one, as your discount code will expire within a couple of days). Of course, we only ask for these details to verify your status as a student. Your privacy is protected and your details are never shared with a third party.

How will this show up on my bank statement / credit card bill?

All purchases with NORMAL are billed discreetly as 'Normal Technologies'.

Is this course safe for work or the bus?

Georgia uses diagrams and hand gestures to explain anatomy and techniques. We recommend watching in a comfortable, relaxed space that feels safe for you.