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The Modern Guide to Sex

The sex-ed you wish you had in school

Video Course 15 topics 120 min

Discover the secrets to having great sex (alone or together) from certified sex coach Georgia Grace. In this course, you’ll learn:
Tips and tricks to level up your pleasure skills
How to build sexual confidence
Techniques to improve communication with your partner(s)
Practical exercises designed to help you explore better sex

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The Modern Guide to Sex Free
Evidence based education
For all bodies & all identities
Easy-to-follow instructions
No nudity or live sex

Course Outline

1. Getting Started

2. Finding Your Pleasure Spot

3. Foreplay and Arousal Techniques

4. Having Better Orgasms

5. Having Great Vaginal Sex

6. Anal Sex

7. Oral Sex

8. V-on-V Sex

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Foreplay & arousal
Learn arousal styles and how to use them
Explore 40+ techniques to orgasm
Oral sex
Learn anatomy and 15 new techniques
25 proven positions for better sex
Erogenous zones
10+ powerful pleasure zones mapped
Exploring new things
Get inspired with our partners' checklist
This course is for you if....
You want to have better sex.
Discover what turns you on, explore new sensations, and expand your sexual knowledge.
You want to be a great lover.
Learn powerful techniques to explore with a partner andand improve your sexual connection.
You want to boost your sexual confidence.
Unpack blockers such as the struggle with feeling present or performance anxiety.
Your Coach

Georgia Grace

Georgia Grace is a certified Australian sex coach, working with individuals, couples, and groups in supporting people to have the fulfilling sex lives they want. Georgia's training combines somatics (awareness of the body) with sexology (the scientific study of sexuality) to help her clients overcome blockages, form deep connections and experience more pleasure.

Georgia also uses her popular Instagram account @gspot._ to share sex-positive education with a wide audience, and appears regularly in the media, from writing a column for GQ to chatting about sexual wellness on The Bachelor, Triple J's The Hook Up and many more besides.


Is this course for everyone (regardless of sex, gender, sexuality or relationship status)?

Yes. This course is designed to provide sex coaching relevant to people of all body types, sexualities and gender identities. Framed around teaching universal lessons about sex and relationships, as well as anatomy-specific practical techniques, it is meant to be grownup pleasure education for all.

What do I get with the course?

You receive access to all of the videos in this course through your discreet personal login, as well as a downloadable workbook with exercises, diagrams and health information to answer all of your big questions about sex.

How do I access the course?

Once you sign up, you'll be directed to Thinkific (an online course platform) where you can create your password, log in and start exploring the course.

How explicit is this course? Is it safe for work or the bus?

Georgia uses diagrams and hand gestures to explain anatomy and techniques, but there is no live nudity or real sex depicted. We recommend watching in a comfortable, relaxed space that feels safe for you.

Does the course cover topics like sexual health and consent too?

Yes. We think addressing issues like consent and sexual health is essential to covering the foundations of healthy sexuality. The course contains standalone eBook chapters on looking after your sexual health and pain during sex, a glossary of important terms related to sexuality, and a large range of resources covering situations related to consent.

What if I have more questions?

Send our lovely team a message at and we'll get you up to speed.

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