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Frequently Asked Questions

About our toys 

Where can I find the instructions for my purchase? 

We deliver a paperless digital product guide to you via email when you make your purchase. Additionally, all of these product guides are stored here permanently.

Do Normal toys require batteries? 

Nope! All Normal toys are designed to be charged via a USB cable.

What do Normal products arrive with? 

Your toy will arrive with a charging cord and a complimentary collection bag for storing your sexual wellness essentials. We are very committed to environmental sustainability (and we know what it's like to lose the instructions at the worst moment), so your paperless product guide will be emailed to you in advance of your product arriving (and you can find all of the product guides here whenever you need them).

What are your toys made of? 

All of our toys are made from body-safe silicone.

How do I charge my toy? 

Plug one end of your USB charging cord into a USB port, and connect the other end to the toy. Our toy charging ports are in different locations and may look different on some toys, so we recommend you check the product guide for your specific product to confirm how to charge. We recommend giving toys at least 2 hours to reach full charge, and charging regularly to keep your toy in best working order.

When you say waterproof - does that mean I use my toy in the shower or the bath? What about putting it in a dishwasher or a washing machine? 

All of our toys are safe for washing with soap and water (or cleaning spray) by cleansing the surfaces in regular use. You should always avoid putting toys in items like dishwashers or washing machines, or boiling them to clean them. In terms of bringing toys into the shower or bath, check the specific toy product guide.

What if I want to do a sexy rain dance with my toy? 

That should be fine.

Can I only use my toy for its recommended purpose? 

Many of our toys can be used for multiple purposes - if it feels pleasurable somewhere else on your body or your partner's body, that's great! So feel free to explore, remembering to use lubricant and go slowly.

That said, we should give a couple of specific warnings about anal play - if inserting something, it's very important to use only products with a 'flared base' (a wide section which is substantially larger than the diameter of the anus) to ensure that you can remove the toy easily. And if using a toy in or around the anal area, we recommend cleaning thoroughly before using elsewhere on the body (or putting barrier protection like a condom on your toy). No one wants to be on the wrong side of either of those scenarios!

Similarly, we recommend using only toys designed for vaginal insertion in the vagina - the phrase "anything is a dildo if you're brave enough" is not one we endorse!

And finally, we don't recommend oral usage of these toys.

Where can I find information on how to get the most from my toy? 

If you go to our Collection page and find your toy, you will find a great instructional video guide from our in-house sex coach Georgia Grace.

All of our product guides are also stored here.

You can also visit our blog for advice on a wide range of sexual education and skill-building topics, including guides to better sex for a range of needs.

Is my toy safe to use on my body? 

Yes! Your toy is made from body-safe silicone.

Note that we recommend using only water-based lubricants with your toy, as silicon-based lubricants will degrade the toy's silicone.

If for any reason you are having a physical issue with the toy, cease using the toy and any other products combined with it, and let us know straight away via

How should I clean my toy? 

We recommend using either a cleaning spray designed for sex toys, or warm water and a mild soap on the external surfaces of the toy.

Do I have to clean my toy every time? 

Yes. Trust us. You should ensure your toy is cleaned between uses (by you, with a partner or with multiple partners - every time means every time) to limit infection risk. We recommend the NORMAL cleaning spray

Should I use lubricant with my toy? 

As a default answer - probably yes. If you find it more pleasurable not to after experimenting, then great - no lubricant needed. But we find most people have better experiences with lubricants.

What lubricant should I use with my toy? 

You should stick to water-based lubricants for use with silicone toys to avoid degrading the silicon.

Can I use barrier protection like condoms with my toy? 

Yes - especially if using a toy with more than one person, this is a great way to ensure everyone has a safe experience and avoid any infections being transmitted. Just remember to change between uses (and to keep cleaning your toy every time as well).

Where are your toys made? 

Our toys are made in China and shipped to Australia, where they are packed and sent to you!

What if a toy doesn't fit well with my body? 

That's OK! Our bodies aren't all the same, and while these toys are designed to cover as much of the range as possible, nothing will be a perfect fit for everyone.

You should contact us via and organise to use our 100 night stand trial policy. Our team will offer you a store credit for the purchase value of your toy, and we would also be delighted to get your feedback and give you a recommendation for another toy.

What's the difference between a dildo and a vibrator? 

Vibrators vibrate, dildos don't! Find out more on the difference between dildos and vibrators here.

How should I store my toy? 

A cool, dry, hygienic spot (like your new collection bag from Normal) is ideal.

All about shipping & payments 

What are my payment options? 

You can pay via Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay & Afterpay.

Where does Normal ship to? 

Currently, we ship our toys and sex essentials to customers in Australia.

If you want to try our free sexual wellness education course, The Modern Guide to Sex, you're welcome to sign up for access from anywhere in the world.

What will it say on my bank or credit card statement? 

Your purchase will show up on your bank statement discreetly, as Normal Technologies.

If I have ordered multiple products, will they ship together? 

For some combinations of product, they will be packed together; others may required separate packaging. If packed separately, they will ship on the same day, and should arrive within a small window of each other.

Are shipping costs included in the price? 

Shipping is free for orders over $100 within Australia. If there is a shipping fee, it will be added at checkout and shown clearly before you purchase.

What will my product arrive in (and is it discreet)? 

Your product will arrive in a sealed, biodegradable mailer bag, with no logo or markings indicating that it is from Normal.

How long will it take for my order to arrive if I live in Australia? 

Your tracking number from Australia Post will be sent out once your order has been fulfilled, so you can keep track of your order's progress there. Generally, delivery takes 1-5 business days, but please note that the disruptions to delivery caused by Covid-19 may cause delivery timelines to be longer than in regular periods. If you are concerned about a delivery you're waiting for, please reach out to our customer support team via 

What should I do if there is an issue with the condition in which my purchase arrives? 

Contact our customer support team via, and they will get back to you to discuss the issue. While we cannot take responsibility for damage which happens as a result of mishandling by logistics companies, we are happy to help with any issues which are related to the condition in which products were packed by our team.

What is Normal's approach to environmental sustainability? 

We are committed to minimising unnecessary packaging.

Your full toy product guide is delivered digitally (rather than printed). You will receive it by email prior to your toy arriving, and you can always access the guide by clicking here.

The mailer bag that your product arrives in is biodegradable and suitable for home composting.

Your toy also comes with a collection bag and storage tube which are designed to be kept and reused.

How can I track my delivery? 

You'll receive an email with tracking information when your order has left our warehouse, so use the tracking code attached to this email to check with Australia Post how your package is travelling. Please ensure your destination has a secure point of delivery. Contact us via with any further questions you may have.

What if my package is lost or stolen? 

Unfortunately we are not responsible for lost or stolen shipments - but we would recommend ensuring your destination has a secure point of delivery. Tracking numbers are provided by email at the time of shipment, and of course, please contact us with any further questions you may have via 

All about returns

What is Normal's returns policy on toys? 

If you don't love your toy, you can return it within 100 days and receive a credit for the full value of your purchase toward another toy. Our team will even support you to choose another toy and have it delivered if you’d like.

How do I organise my return? 

You send lovely customer support team a message at and they will sort you out. They’ll understand what’s not working for you, and where appropriate, send out a printable label so you can purchase a postage bag & discreetly post back your toy.

They’ll organise you a credit for your next purchase, and if you’d like help choosing another product, our team will listen to your feedback and offer a personalised recommendation to match you with a better toy for your needs. They can even organise for it to be sent out to your preferred address as well.

What will happen when I reach out to organise my return? 

Our customer support team will reach out over email and get your feedback on the toy.

They'll offer to either organise the return and refund straightaway, or to give you a fresh recommendation (based on what didn't work for you with this toy) and have a new toy sent out to you.

If you'd like to just return your toy and receive a refund, they will approve the refund and send out a discreet, postage-paid returnable satchel. When you receive this, you simply put the toy in and take it to the nearest post box (you don't need to take it to a post office). It will be received and processed by our warehouse, and then recycled.

If you'd like to return your toy and try your new recommendation, our team will apply a store credit to your account (if the value is greater than your prior toy, you will need to pay an additional amount; if it is less, you will be able to have an additional store credit or be paid a refund of the remainder). Your new toy will be sent out to your nominated address. We will also send out a discreet, postage-paid returnable satchel. When you receive this, you simply put the old toy in and take it to the nearest post box (you don't need to take it to a post office). It will be received and processed by our warehouse, and then recycled.

Isn't this too good to be true? 

Nope! We really, really want you to have a great time - and we know that while our toys are pretty great, bodies and preferences do vary too much for any one toy to meet the needs of every person well.

Does Normal have a limit on returns? 

We assume our customers are operating in good faith, but we do also place a limit of one credit and exchange per purchase on our products to ensure we can provide this program to all customers.

All about warranties 

What is Normal's warranty policy on toys? 

Normal has a warranty of one year on all toys for functional issues (i.e. issues which prevent the toy from fulfilling its function, rather than cosmetic wear-and-tear).

You are welcome to seek a replacement or a full refund within this period.

How do I organise to exercise the warranty on my product? 

Submit a request via email ( and our customer support team will be in touch to organise the process.

What will happen when I reach out to organise the exercise of the warranty? 

Our customer support team will reach out to you and record the issue which occurred (including asking for a photo or video to confirm the issue).

They will then confirm whether you would prefer a refund or a replacement of the toy.

If you would prefer a refund, they will authorise the refund, and will send out a discreet, postage-paid returnable satchel. When you receive this, you simply put the faulty toy in and take it to the nearest post box (you don't need to take it to a post office). It will be received and processed by our warehouse.

If you would prefer a replacement, they will authorise the new toy to be sent out to you, and will send out a discreet, postage-paid returnable satchel. When you receive this, you simply put the faulty toy in and take it to the nearest post box (you don't need to take it to a post office). It will be received and processed by our warehouse.

Other questions

I want to unsubscribe from emails from Normal. How do I do it? 

Go to your most recent email from Normal, and click the 'unsubscribe' link. If you have any issues finding it, please contact our customer support team via and they can help.

How does Normal contribute to the wider community? 

We aim to operate as sustainably as possible. Our mailer bags are compostable, and our packaging is designed to be kept and enjoyed as much as possible.

We deliberately choose to use language on our website which reflects a modern understanding of sex, gender and sexuality. We don't assume that our users are heterosexual or cisgender, and we speak in terms of anatomy to allow everyone to find the right products for their bodies.

We also support a more inclusive society by donating 1% of our sales to Minus18, an amazing organisation which runs programs designed to support LGBTQIA+ youth. You should absolutely check them out.