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Toy & hand cleaning spray



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Toy & hand cleaning spray
A citrus-scented cleansing spray for surfaces used during sex.
Gentle formula, free from parabens
Safe to pair with toys
Scent-free & taste-free
Discreet delivery

How to use it

Use post-session (and pre-session if it's been a while!)

  • 1 Spray on surfaces used during sex
  • 2 Wait 20 seconds
  • 3 Wipe clean
  • 4 Enjoy again soon!

Why we all need good clean fun

Residue left behind after sessions can result in bacterial growth if left unchecked.

If you're sharing toys with others, cleaning properly is especially important to prevent transmitting any infections.

Proper cleansing preserves the surface of a toy to keep it working for as long as possible.


Does this product have a scent?

Yes! It has a light citrus scent.

Is this safe for use on my hands?

Yes! This can be used to clean hands and toys after sex (though we recommend water or a gentle soap alternative for your genitals).

Will this stain my sheets or clothes?

No, this is a non-staining product.

Does the 100 Night Stand apply to Sex Essentials?

We are unfortunately unable to take returns of Sex Essentials, but if you don't love the product, let us know and we are happy to offer you a one-time refund.

What ingredients does this cleaning spray contain?

- Water (natural solvent) - Citric Acid (natural pH adjuster) - Pseudolaric Acid (natural preservative) - Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (surfactant - helps to remove dirt and oil-based residue) - Chlorhexidine Acetate (hospital/dental grade antiseptic and antibacterial agent)

What if I have more questions?

Reach out to our friendly customer support via