Hey, I'm Option A

Medium plug, small plug, bullet, remote and charging cord in dark green silhouette



Here's a quick video where Georgia Grace shows you how to charge your kit. 

Attach the USB charger which comes with your kit to the bullet, and when it completes charging, move over to the remote to charge.

The charging ports on both the remote and the bullet look like two silver circles and they are magnetic. We recommend giving the bullet and remote at least 2 hours to reach full charge and regularly charge to keep your kit in best working order.

Do not use your device while charging. 

If you lose your charging cord, contact our team to organise to purchase a new one. Please note, if you have other toys from our range, the toy charging ports are in different locations and may look different on some toys, so we recommend you check the product guide for your specific product to confirm how to charge.

Turning on.

Turn on by holding the button for around 2 seconds or until the light turns on, then press the button again until you feel a buzz, and press to cycle through different intensities to find your vibe.

You can use your bullet on its own like this, or control the vibrations while inside one of the plugs using your remote. 

Inserting & removing bullet. 

We recommend adding 1-2 drops of lube on your bullet before insertion, to help you insert and remove your bullet from the small and medium plugs with more ease.

Here’s a quick video where our inhouse sex coach and Normal co-founder Georgia Grace demonstrates how to do it in under 30 seconds.

Using remote.

Once your bullet is turned on and vibrating, hold down the power button on the remote for 3 seconds, and then use the intensity button to cycle through and find your vibe.

Check out this video from Georgia on charging and using your remote.


Turning off. 

To turn it off, hold down the button until it stops vibrating.


Having the best time.  

There are so many amazing ways to use Option A during solo or partnered play. 

Check out our educational videos and guides on using Option A on this page

And if you'd like further information, you can also check out Normal's range of educational blogs and resources like our free video masterclass, The Modern Guide to Sex.

For further questions about our whole range of devices, check out our general FAQs.

Our devices are designed to fit the widest range of bodies possible - but if it doesn't feel right to you, listen to your body. Let us know, and we'll help you find a device that really is a perfect match.


Cautions (to keep things normal). 

The plugs and bullet in Option A are suitable for use in the shower or bath, but do not submerge the remote or charge any components near water.

For best results, avoid using silicon-based lubricants with Normal devices (water-based lubricants are best).

Clean and dry thoroughly after each use, and if switching from anal play to any other parts of the body. Clean using soap and warm water, or a sex toy cleaning spray - there is no need to submerge, boil or clean in appliances like a dishwasher or washing machine. 

Store in a cool, dry spot.

While there are alternate uses for many sex toys, we do not recommend this device for oral use.



Not feeling satisfied?

Returns policy (a.k.a. the 100 Night Stand)

If you don’t love your first choice, let us know: every body is different, and we never want you to regret an experience with NORMAL.

Let our team know what didn’t work for you by contacting customer support (just email hey@itsnormal.com), and they’ll organise a store credit for the value of your purchase spend on a new toy of your choice.

Where appropriate, they’ll send a printable label, which you can attach to a postage bag & use to discreetly post back your first toy.

If you’d like help with picking something different, our customer support team can give you a personal recommendation and organise for it to be sent out to you.



We provide a one-year warranty from date of purchase (with replacement or refund) for functional issues - so while this does not cover regular cosmetic wear-and-tear from usage, it does cover any issues which impair the functioning of the toy and were not caused by non-recommended usage. For full details of the policy, please go here. To make a warranty claim, please start a conversation with our team by emailing hey@itsnormal.com.


More questions?

Contact our team and ask! You can find us at: hey@itsnormal.com.