Hey, I'm Piper


Charging me.

Charge for 2 hours before first use.

Connect charging port (indicated on diagram) via USB cord to a source of power. This toy has a magnetic charging port - align the two dots on the cord to the two dots on the charging port, and place in a stable location to charge.

Do not use your device while charging.

If you lose your charging cord, contact our team to organise to purchase a new one.

Turning me on.

To switch Piper on, hold down the 'O' button until the device begins to vibrate.

To change the speed/intensity of vibration, press the + or - button as desired.

To change the pattern of vibration, press the 'O' button.

Turning me off. 

To switch Piper off, hold down the 'O' button until the device stops vibrating.

Having the best time with me.

Most people will enjoy sex toys more with a little water-based lubricant applied to your toy first - and of course, top up if you feel the need at any point!

Piper is a rabbit vibrator (designed for combined or blended stimulation, meaning stimulation of two erogenous zones at the same time). Typically, rabbit vibrators are used to create deeper orgasms through combined stimulation of the clitoris (the bead-like, sensitive organ at the top of the vulva lips, also known as the pleasure centre of the vulva) and the vagina (the internal passage behind the vulva). Plus, they can be a great option for beginning to explore anal play (more on that later).  

As with all sex toys, you'll have the best experience by warming up your body with less sensitive erogenous zones first, then moving to more sensitive areas like the clitoris, vulva, perineum and anus - whatever you like! You can do this with the long 'arm' of Piper, or another sex toy, or your hands - whatever you like.

When you're ready to begin using internally, hold the long arm at the mouth of the vagina and ease in at your own pace, using your breath or moving the body to gently support the movement (there's no rush!). Use the long arm to explore the vagina and find spots or positions that are pleasurable for you, and the short flexible arm of the vibrator to stimulate the vulva and clitoris internally. Try circling, moving across in a back and forth motion, edging towards and away from the most sensitive spots, varying the vibration level and changing up the position of your body or moving your hips to find a rhythm that is best for you. You may also want to pair it with music, scents, erotica, pornography or a fantasy of your own (whatever works to help you feel in the mood). Experiment to find what feels good for you, and follow that feeling.

If you find the stimulation is too much for you externally - or even just on the clitoris - you can bend back the flexible external arm and just use the long arm.

Piper can also be used by or with a partner, and as with all internal stimulation, just remember to go slowly, use lots of lubricant and communicate about what feels good to you as you go.

Finally, a device like Piper is also suitable for exploring anal pleasure (it's important to have a flared base when using devices internally, and the shorter arm of Piper can provide this stop-gap while also providing vibrating stimulation to the rim of the anus and the perineum - the space between your anus and your genitals). Remember to clean thoroughly between using a device anally and using it in other places around the body.

For further questions about our whole range of devices, check out our general FAQs.

Our devices are designed to fit the widest range of bodies possible - but if it doesn't feel right to you, listen to your body. Let us know, and we'll help you find a device that really is a perfect match.

Cautions (to keep things normal). 

Piper is not suitable for use in the shower or bath.

Do not use silicon-based lubricants with Normal devices (water-based lubricants are best).

Clean and dry thoroughly between each use (using soap and water on regularly used surfaces, or a sex toy cleaning spray - there is no need to submerge, boil or clean in appliances like a dishwasher or washing machine).

Store in a cool, dry spot.

Remember that STIs can be transmitted on surfaces (like a device) - so if using with a new partner or multiple partners, use barrier protection like condoms appropriately to manage risk.

While there are alternate uses for many sex toys, we do not recommend this device for oral use.

Not feeling satisfied?

Returns policy (a.k.a. the 100 Night Stand)

If you don’t love your first choice, let us know: every body is different, and we never want you to regret an experience with NORMAL.

Let our team know what didn’t work for you by contacting customer support (just email hey@itsnormal.com), and they’ll organise a credit to spend on a new toy of your choice.

Where appropriate, they’ll send a printable label, which you can attach to a postage bag & use to discreetly post back your first toy.

If you’d like help with picking something different, our customer support team can give you a personal recommendation and organise for it to be sent out to you.


We provide a one-year warranty from date of purchase (with replacement or refund) for functional issues - so while this does not cover regular cosmetic wear-and-tear from usage, it does cover any issues which impair the functioning of the toy and were not caused by non-recommended usage. For full details of the policy, please go here. To make a warranty claim, please start a conversation with our team by emailing hey@itsnormal.com.

More questions?

Contact our team and ask! You can find us at: hey@itsnormal.com.