Making The New Normal (a podcast)

Making podcasts sexy again. 

Making the new normal: that's what this brand is all about. Our mission is reshaping the way we talk about sexual wellness, and supporting you in exploring your sexuality - stress-free and stigma-free.
But we also went on a pretty interesting journey to get here - and we want you to come along. 

Build a sex brand in 100 days. 

Startup life is crazy enough when it's a regular industry. This one is even crazier. From the poignant to the hilarious and everything in between, join us on the rollercoaster of building something new in the world of sex. 

Every startup has dilemmas - but these are different. 

How do you decide to start a sex brand? 
How do you build your whole range of products in a pandemic? 
What are the most Googled sex questions on the internet? 
How do you name a sex brand without using innuendo? 
And how do you talk to your parents about all of it? 

    What's wrong with sexuality - and who's fixing it.

    From the founder of a sexual assault education organisation to our in-house sex coach and the world's leading expert on sextech, learn about what's broken in the world of sexuality, what's changing and the new wave of social entrepreneurs leading the charge. 

    Where to find us. 

    Making The New Normal is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts [add links].