Introducing The Pleasure & Parenting Guide

This is an Australia-first piece of research where real parents openly share their tips for a great sex life after having kids.

We believe pleasure is a human right - and everyone deserves pleasure at every age. 

Becoming a parent is a wonderful thing, but too often in our conversations about parenting, talking about how to have a fulfilling sex life is considered taboo, or just put in the 'too hard basket' when there are so many other priorities.

You don’t stop being a sexual person when you become a parent, whether that is your relationship with yourself and your body, or an intimate relationship with a partner.

So we created this guide to help start the conversation - and to champion pleasure for everyone, especially hard-working parents! 

Kick off with interesting stats, learn about common barriers highlighted by lots of Aussie parents - and learn how they're overcoming them, with 100+ tips gathered from over 300 parents of all ages, genders and sexualities. 

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