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Silicon based lube



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Silicon based lube
A hydrating, paraben-free personal lubricant. Silicon based lube has a silky feel, is long-lasting and is ideal for a longer session (even in the bath or shower).
Gentle formula, free from parabens
Safe to pair with toys
Scent-free & taste-free
Discreet delivery

Find your perfect match

Lubricants have different properties, and the right type for you depends on your body and how you want to use it.

Silicon based lube Silicon based lube
Silicon based lube
Silky feel
Water based lube Water based lube
Water based lube
Pair with toys
Easy to wash off
Never stains
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Body-safe formulation

We chose just two ingredients (chosen for forming a protective barrier on the skin without being absorbed or reacting)

Dimethicone: Commonly used ingredient in skincare and haircare products to create a silky finish

Cyclopentasiloxane: Colourless, odourless & non-greasy ingredient used commonly in cosmetics

Lubricant doesn't mean something is going wrong

There are a lot of misconceptions about the body's natural lubrication - including that natural lubrication 'should be enough' if you're truly aroused.

It's nearly always a good idea

It feels luxurious, reduces friction during sex, reduces the risk of micro-tears (which can lead to infections) and can even act as a natural moisturiser!


Does this lubricant wash off easily?

Yes! It will wash off in water and soap or a body-safe soap alternative.

Is this lubricant waterproof?


Will this stain my sheets or clothes?

Silicone-based lubes can be more staining, so if this is a concern, you may want to pair with a sheet protector or towel.

Does this leave a sticky residue?

No, it's designed to remain smooth and wash off easily.

Does the 100 Night Stand apply to Sex Essentials?

We are unfortunately unable to take returns of lubricants, but if you don't love the product, let us know and we are happy to offer you a one-time refund.

How much should I use?

Start off with 1-2 pumps and cover external areas of the body plus anything being used for penetration (if using a silicone toy, remember to use a water-based lube!). Reapply as needed.

What if I'm prone to vaginal infections or experience skin sensitivity during sex?

We're working on a specialised product for you! If you do have these issues (and believe us, we get it, it sucks), you should look for a product with no glycerin (which can increase the risk of vaginal infections for those who are prone), and investigate options like Olive & Bee, or even a light, low-taste natural oil like rice bran oil. Just make sure you pick a lubricant which is contraceptive-safe and toy-safe (if you're using it under those circumstances), as many lubricants with purely plant-based ingredients can degrade the surfaces of these items.

Should I use this if I'm trying to conceive?

This is not designed as a spermicidal lubricant, but there are options on the market which are designed specifically for conception, and those are definitely worth a look (try looking for 'TTC' products i.e. Trying to Conceive).

What ingredients does this lube contain?

- Dimethicone - Cyclopentasiloxane (both of these are silicon derivatives that have great skin protection & lubricant properties)

What if I have more questions?

Reach out to our friendly customer support via