Two Exercises To Change Your Relationship With Your Body

Two Exercises To Change Your Relationship With Your Body

Aug 23, 2023Team NORMAL

This guide is part of the Body Confidence Course, a free video series where acclaimed sex coach Georgia Grace and psychologist Rashida Dungarwalla share the insights and exercises they use to help their clients build more body confidence every day.


Exercise 1: ‘Dear body…’

In this exercise, you can write (or paint, or draw, or sing, or dance…) a letter to your body, focusing on compassion and celebration! Allow space for all of the emotions that might surface, but ultimately we encourage you to focus on extending gratitude towards your body.

  1. Brainstorm by making a list of specific things your body can do, for which you’re grateful
  2. Create a letter to your body, and be sure to thank your body at the end of the letter
  3. Keep the letter, and refer back to it when negative or uncomfortable thoughts about your body arise


Exercise 2: Body Checking

If you would like to reduce how frequently you check your body, use the below table to brainstorm some ways you check your body, and record how often you do it. Set a goal of how frequently you would like to do it, and begin working towards that goal. You can implement these goals gradually or over time, setting smaller milestones as you go. Choose something that fits your comfort level, but also challenges you.



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