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Meant for
Internal stimulation
Good for
Penetrative sex
Easy for
Solo and partnered use
Darcy is a three-in-one saviour - designed with a longer arm for the feeling of full penetration, plus a bulb that can explore focussed spots internally (like the 'g spot'*), and externally (like the clitoris and vulva).



On the smaller side for vibrators that can be used internally, this is a great starter device for someone exploring sex toys inside the body for the first time - and it's versatile enough to provide pleasure on a range of bodies.


And so you can leave the 'box under the bed' behind for good, Darcy comes with a complimentary reversible collection bag (with one 'loud and proud' side and one more subtle side) from Normal. Whether you're feeling shy or want to shout about your new normal from the rooftops, your sexual wellness collection will always be stored in style. 


*A heads up from our team: The 'g spot' is not really a spot! It's actually a zone of sensitive tissue which forms part of the clitoral network and can provide deep pleasure if stimulated. To make sense of this - your urethra (the tube you urinate from) is wrapped in erectile tissue, just like penises are. So the g 'spot' is actually more of a tube. When you're not aroused it can feel rough and ridge-y, kind of like the roof of your mouth. And when you are aroused it becomes engorged and protrudes from the front wall of your vagina and feels more like the inside of your cheek. Moral of the story is - the more aroused you are the more sensitive and pleasurable it feels, so take you time to build arousal and explore this area of your body. 


  • Complimentary collection bag
  • 100 day return (for a full refund)
  • Discreet shipping & billing
  • Made from medical-grade, silky silicone
USB rechargeable
Easy to clean
Super silent


15cm x 4cm

Charging time
2 hours

8 modes (3 increasing speeds with constant vibration + 5 patterns)

How Darcy works

and how to make it work for you
Or if you prefer reading over watching, check out the FAQs below.

What makes Darcy

your perfect match

The perfect intro to internal toys

Designed to fit comfortably inside every body, Darcy is perfect for discovering how you like internal stimulation. With two vibrating ends to use, it's easy to explore areas like the g-spot and use the long arm to give the feeling of fullness like penetrative sex.

One toy, many ways

From two forms of internal stimulation to external stimulation all over the body (and even double penetration), Darcy is a great investment in different types of pleasure.

If you're not into...

Focusing just on internal stimulation, try a combined stimulation option like Piper.


OK, now they’re talking about us!

free collection bag

with every order

Only satisfied,
when you are.

The 100 night stand, if you're not happy send it back.


night stand


How do I use Darcy?

Normal's in-house sex coach, Georgia Grace, gives you a full briefing in the video above. But if you're not keen to watch a video right now, here are our top tips: For details on charging, switching on and changing vibration patterns, check out our paperless Product Guide. Most people will enjoy sex toys more with a little water-based lubricant applied to your toy first - and of course, top up if you feel the need at any point! As with all sex toys, you'll have the best experience by warming up your body with less sensitive erogenous zones first, then moving to more sensitive external areas like the clitoris, vulva, perineum and anus - whatever you like! Use the 'head' of the toy (the rounded, shorter end) to stimulate these areas. This is especially important prior to exploring internal stimulation. When you're ready to move internally, we recommend holding Darcy at the entrance of the vagina, and using breath or movement to get comfortable before gently moving inside. There's no rush! To experiment with stimulating the area known as the 'g spot' (technically a zone which is part of the clitoral network, rather than a spot!), insert the toy 2-3 inches, and turn the head of the toy upwards and towards the front wall of the vagina, and use a gentle motion to place pressure on this area (imagine if you were using a finger instead that you would be making a 'come here' motion with the hand facing upwards). Experiment with different levels of pressure and areas around this zone to find what feels pleasurable to you. You might also try combining this internal stimulation with external stimulation of areas like the clitoris, nipples, anus and other erogenous zones (try touching or stroking yourself, or if you're feeling particularly skillful, you can always combine two toys!). Darcy is also double-ended, with the shorter round 'head' and the longer, slimmer arm on the other side. You can also experiment with internal stimulation and a sense of fullness using this other end. You may also want to pair it with music, scents, erotica, pornography or a fantasy of your own (whatever works to help you feel in the mood). Experiment to find what feels good for you, and follow that feeling. Darcy is also great for using on and with partners. Darcy can be used for foreplay (warming up erogenous zones all over your own and your partner's body using the rounded head), for internal play (allowing a partner to control the toy during internal stimulation) and even for penetration for both partners simultaneously. As with all things to do with internal stimulation, remember to use lots of lubricant, communicate clearly and take it slow as you find what works. For further questions about our whole range of toys, check out our General FAQs. Our toys are designed to fit the widest range of bodies possible - but if it doesn't feel right to you, listen to your body. Let us know via hey@itsnormal.com, and we'll help you find a toy that really is a perfect match. And while there are alternate uses for many sex toys, we do not recommend this toy for oral or internal anal use.

How do I keep Darcy in good condition?

Clean after every use with a dedicated sex toy cleaning spray, or using soap and water (no need to submerge, just clean the surfaces in regular usage). Do not place in a dishwasher, microwave, washing machine or other household appliances. Store in a clean, cool, dry place. Charge regularly to a full charge, and do not use while charging. When using lubricant, use a water-based lubricant (silicon-based lubricants do not suit silicon sex toys).

Does 'waterproof' mean I can take this toy with me into the shower or bath? What about a dishwasher?

All of our devices are safe for washing with soap and water (or cleaning spray) by cleansing the surfaces which are in regular use (no need to submerge). You should always avoid putting devices in items like dishwashers or washing machines, or boiling them to clean them. Darcy is suitable for shower use and bath use for up to 30 minutes.

How can I find out about all of the logistics (like shipping, payments, returns, warranties and more)?

We've got you covered! Check out our General FAQs, and if you have any further questions, reach out to our team at hey@itsnormal.com.

Where can I buy NORMAL products from? And how long will delivery take?

NORMAL is based in Sydney, Australia, and is now shipping to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US & the UK. Orders are fulfilled within 1-2 business days by our team in Sydney. Within Australia, delivery usually takes up to 5 business days (though there have been some Covid delays with Australia Post, so we recommend checking your tracking number to keep tabs on your package). For orders in the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand, Standard International Shipping is estimated to take 10-18 business days, and Express International Shipping is estimated to take 7-14 business days. Again, keep tabs on your arrival with your tracking code, and reach out if you have any issues!

What if I have more questions?

If you can't find an answer to your questions in here, check out the Product Guide or General FAQs. And if you're still wondering, send our lovely team a message at hey@itsnormal.com and we'll get you up to speed.



Meant for
Internal & external stimulation
Good for
Solo use
Feels like
Being touched on the outside during penetrative sex



Meant for
Clitoral stimulation
Good for
Solo and partnered use
Feels like
Oral sex