Or 4 payments of 
Meant for
Internal & external stimulation
Good for
Being touched on the outside during penetrative sex
Easy for
Solo use

Piper is designed for blended stimulation - internal stimulation of the vagina, plus external stimulation of the area around the clitoris and the vulva. If you find that penetrative sex is enhanced by stimulation of the clitoris (or if you'd like to find out!), this is a great option. 

Originally made famous by Sex and The City (when Charlotte becomes addicted to her vibrator!), rabbit vibrators like Piper can give deeper and more powerful orgasms by stimulating more erogenous zones with vibrations in both 'arms'. And don't worry - as good as they are, you can't get addicted to a toy.

And so you can leave the 'box under the bed' behind for good, Piper comes with a complimentary reversible collection bag (with one 'loud and proud' side and one more subtle side) from Normal. Whether you're feeling shy or want to shout about your new normal from the rooftops, your sexual wellness collection will always be stored in style.

  • Complimentary collection bag
  • 100 day return (for a full refund)
  • Discreet shipping & billing
  • Made from medical-grade, silky silicone
USB rechargeable
Easy to clean
Super silent


20cm x 6cm x 4cm

Charging time
2 hours

8 speeds with 12 vibration patterns

How Piper works

and how to make it work for you
Or if you prefer reading over watching, check out the FAQs below.

What makes Piper

your perfect match

Deep powerful orgasms

By stimulating multiple erogenous zones at the same time, Piper takes orgasms to a new level (whether you're looking for combined clitoral-vaginal stimulation, or exploring anal pleasure).

But gentle when you need it to be

With a flexible outer arm which can be bent away from the body, Piper can hold back when you need a break.

If you're not into...

External and internal stimulation at the same time, go for an internal option like Darcy.


OK, now they’re talking about us!

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13 May 2021
Carly S.
Australia Australia
Piper is Piping Hot!

Since the company started, I’ve been eyeing off Piper in all of her glory and I finally got my hands (and ******) on her! Wow, what a game changer! Piper is my first rabbit vibrator and I’m obsessed. The silky soft silicone feels incredible. The natural bend and flexibility allows Piper to mould and adapt to your body like the perfect hug. The vibration is varied and I’d take my hat off to anyone who can use her at top speed - I was spewing out beautiful ******* after a couple of minutes on the lowest setting! The vibration on the higher settings is a little louder than one may like if you’re trying to be discreet but who has time for being discreet...you got to moan, groan, and enjoy your time alone with Piper! Highly recommend and I am excited to try more of the team and build my Normal Co toy collection! P.S the packaging is super cute and an added bonus!

06 May 2021
Australia Australia
Best. Decision. Ever.

I have recommended NORMAL to all my closest girlfriends - I have had so much fun that I feel a responsibility to recommend it to them! Some of my girlfriends have put up with average ****** experiences for too long, and NORMAL has encouraged them to take their pleasure into their own hands (literally. ha.ha.), and fight the stigma that we feel around female pleasure. It's encouraged us to have open conversations that we never have had before, and given us access to great objective information around female pleasure that is easy to understand. I purchased from NORMAL because I knew I could trust them to deliver on their promises and put the customer first, always. I was blown away by the amazing customer service and thoughtfulness to keep things discrete. I knew that Lucy and the team would do a stellar job, and they really have. Thank you so much to Lucy and the entire NORMAL team for creating such fantastic and accessible products, and making it such a streamlined and NORMAL experience. NORMAL is fantastic and I am loving my piper. It's slick, easy to use (and hide!) and most importantly a LOT of fun! I only wish NORMAL had existed years ago so that I didn't wait this long before buying my first toy. THANK YOU!!!

20 Apr 2021
Australia Australia

Wow, I cannot put into words how empowering it is to be able to give yourself the pleasure you seek. I would highly recommend buying this...

19 Apr 2021
Mitch S.
Australia Australia
Very happy

Our piper is awesome, super easy to use and works perfectly. So many different modes we have only tested the most mellow so there is a lot of exploration ahead.

05 Apr 2021
Australia Australia

This toy is amazing! I’m so beyond impressed with Normal, their ethos and the quality of this product. Piper is beautifully designed, luxurious-feeling and ultra quiet. The delivery was also very quick and packaging discreet. So, so happy with this product!

30 Mar 2021
Erica R.
Australia Australia
Thank u!!!

First foray into this realm and couldn’t be more praising. Everything works exceptionally and I am spreading word far and wide to my gal friends x

22 Mar 2021
liz r.
Australia Australia
Awesome all round!

I love this company, the products, the approach to ****** wellness and the amazing customer service. They are so in tune with what I want, in regards to product, info and responsiveness. I'll be recommending Normal to all my friends!

14 Mar 2021
Australia Australia
Piper - piping hot!

Amazing service, gorgeous packaging, fast shipment and the piper... beautiful sleek design, ergonically friendly :) good battery life, and well.... I’m recommending so what does that say :)

free collection bag

with every order

Only satisfied,
when you are.

The 100 night stand, if you're not happy send it back.


night stand


How do I use Piper?

Normal's in-house sex coach, Georgia Grace, gives you a full briefing in the video above. But if you're not keen to watch a video right now, here are our top tips: For details on charging, switching on and changing vibration patterns, check out our paperless Product Guide. Most people will enjoy sex toys more with a little water-based lubricant applied to your toy first - and of course, top up if you feel the need at any point! Piper is a rabbit vibrator (designed for combined or blended stimulation, meaning stimulation of two erogenous zones at the same time). Typically, rabbit vibrators are used to create deeper orgasms through combined stimulation of the clitoris (the bead-like, sensitive organ at the top of the vulva lips, also known as the pleasure centre of the vulva) and the vagina (the internal passage behind the vulva). Plus, they can be a great option for beginning to explore anal play (more on that later). As with all sex toys, you'll have the best experience by warming up your body with less sensitive erogenous zones first, then moving to more sensitive areas like the clitoris, vulva, perineum and anus - whatever you like! You can do this with the long 'arm' of Piper, or another sex toy, or your hands - whatever you like. When you're ready to begin using internally, hold the long arm at the mouth of the vagina and ease in at your own pace, using your breath or moving the body to gently support the movement (there's no rush!). Use the long arm to explore the vagina and find spots or positions that are pleasurable for you, and the short flexible arm of the vibrator to stimulate the vulva and clitoris internally. Try circling, moving across in a back and forth motion, edging towards and away from the most sensitive spots, varying the vibration level and changing up the position of your body or moving your hips to find a rhythm that is best for you. You may also want to pair it with music, scents, erotica, pornography or a fantasy of your own (whatever works to help you feel in the mood). Experiment to find what feels good for you, and follow that feeling. If you find the stimulation is too much for you externally - or even just on the clitoris - you can bend back the flexible external arm and just use the long arm. Piper can also be used by or with a partner, and as with all internal stimulation, just remember to go slowly, use lots of lubricant and communicate about what feels good to you as you go. Finally, a toy like Piper is also suitable for exploring anal pleasure (it's important to have a flared base when using toys internally, and the shorter arm of Piper can provide this stop-gap while also providing vibrating stimulation to the rim of the anus and the perineum - the space between your anus and your genitals). Remember to clean thoroughly between using a toy anally and using it in other places around the body. For further questions about our whole range of toys, check out our General FAQs. Our toys are designed to fit the widest range of bodies possible - but if it doesn't feel right to you, listen to your body. Let us know at hey@itsnormal.com, and we'll help you find a toy that really is a perfect match. And while there are alternate uses for many sex toys, we do not recommend this toy for oral use.

How do I keep Piper in good condition?

Clean after every use with a dedicated sex toy cleaning spray, or using soap and water (no need to submerge, just clean the surfaces in regular usage). Do not place in a dishwasher, microwave, washing machine or other household appliances. Store in a clean, cool, dry place. Charge regularly to a full charge, and do not use while charging. When using lubricant, use a water-based lubricant (silicon-based lubricants do not suit silicon sex toys).

Does 'waterproof' mean I can take this toy with me into the shower or bath? What about a dishwasher?

All of our devices are safe for washing with soap and water (or cleaning spray) by cleansing the surfaces which are in regular use (no need to submerge). You should always avoid putting devices in items like dishwashers or washing machines, or boiling them to clean them. Piper is not suitable for shower or bath use.

How can I find out about all of the logistics (like shipping, payments, returns, warranties and more)?

We've got you covered! Check out our General FAQs, and if you have any further questions, reach out to our team at hey@itsnormal.com.

What if I have more questions?

If you can't find an answer to your questions in here, check out the Product Guide or General FAQs. And if you're still wondering, send our lovely team a message at hey@itsnormal.com and we'll get you up to speed.

Got more questions? Visit our help page or contact us.



Meant for
Internal stimulation
Good for
Solo and partnered use
Feels like
Penetrative sex



Meant for
Clitoral stimulation
Good for
Solo and partnered use
Feels like
Oral sex