Everything you need to know about buttplugs (and more)

Everything you need to know about buttplugs (and more)

Jan 20, 2024Team NORMAL

To celebrate our new Normal x Abbie Chatfield modular butt plug collab, Option A, we’re talking everything anal. Explore Option A and all of our guides to anal right here!


“The first time I had sex with a vibrating buttplug was…pretty unforgettable, to be honest,” Abbie admits. 


“We both came so hard that [my partner] told me I had a ‘bionic pussy’.”


If you’ve never used (or even heard of) a buttplug before, allow us to introduce you!


This is a seriously fun, compact, and sexy toy that can be used by absolutely anyone. It’s great for solo play, couples, and group fun, and it can alternate between being the star of the show and a fun stop on the way to the main event.


In fact, we reckon that our modular buttplug, Option A, just might be your new go-to.


“I wanted to create this kit because I know that anal can be some of the most pleasurable, intimate, intense, and full-body sex you will ever have,” Abbie says. 


“And buttplugs are a beautiful addition to any anal play.”


So with that in mind—let’s find out everything you need to know (and more) about buttplugs.



So, what exactly is a buttplug?


A buttplug is a small, smooth toy with a flared base. It’s designed to sit in the anus, with the base protruding. Some plugs vibrate, some can be made of Pyrex or stainless steel (which can feel warm or cool, if you’re into some temperature play), some inflate to change size, and some even have a jewel or decoration on the plug. Buttplugs can vary in size from relatively small to quite large, and some have some extra length to stimulate the prostate in people who have penises. 


Buttplugs can be used during foreplay and penetrative sex, because once they’re inserted into the anus they sit pretty snugly—they’re unlikely to move or fall out (although it isn’t impossible). Buttplugs can also be used during masturbation, as the primary source of stimulation or as an ‘add on’ to another form of stimulation.


Some people like to use buttplugs as a way to ‘warm up’ to penetrative sex. It can help them get used to the feeling of having something in their anus, and to help the muscles of the anus get used to accommodating something. But buttplugs aren’t always used as a precursor to penetration or sex. They can be fun just as they are! In fact, they don’t even always have to be inserted. Our modular buttplug can be used as a small, handy vibrator to stimulate any erogenous zone that you like.


How are buttplugs used?


Buttplugs are simple and easy to use. Here’s a quick guide.


  1. Apply a water-based lube around the anus and on the tip of the plug itself. If you’re not sure how much lube to use, use more than you think you need.
  2. Gently press the tip of the plug into the anus. This might feel weird or uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t feel painful. If it hurts, stop and take a break.
  3. Continue pressing in the buttplug until the base is sitting against the exterior of the anus. This is kind of difficult to describe, but you’ll feel it as it happens: the slimmest part of the buttplug should be ‘held’ by your anus, with the body inside you and the base outside.
  4. That’s it! Go forth and enjoy.  Switch the vibrating buttplug on to experiment with that sensation, or enjoy your favourite kind of stimulation elsewhere on your body. You can also explore how it feels to gently insert and remove the plug in a thrusting motion. Some people love the feeling of it being removed or inserted at the peak of orgasm.
  5. To remove the buttplug, pull gently on the base while bearing down with your core muscles, like you’re going to the bathroom. Go slow, be gentle. 



How do I clean up afterwards?


It’s easy!


Before and after using your plug, and before and after swapping it with a partner, make sure you clean it properly with a toy-safe cleaning spray. And if you think you’ll get caught up in the ‘heat of the moment’ and forget to wipe it off before passing it to your partner, use a condom over it and change the condom before your partner uses it.


This is because buttplugs, like any sex toy that comes into contact with our bodies, can transmit bacteria and STIs. Everyone’s anus is naturally abundant in healthy, good bacteria, but this bacteria can cause infections if it’s passed into another person’s body. 


As always, we recommend using barrier methods like a dental dam or a condom, when engaging in anal play - safer sex is sexy!



All of this sounds great, but how do I get my partner on board?


The same way you’d get them on board for anything you’d like to try: you talk about it!


Anal is something that a lot of people enjoy, and butt plugs are a common and easy-to-use toy, so you might be surprised to discover that your partner has already thought about anal play and might be wondering how they can raise the topic with you.


Either way, we recommend finding a quiet moment with them and making the suggestion. Next time you’re cuddling on the couch or in bed, break the ice by saying something like, “Hey, have you ever thought about anal play? I’ve heard that it can be really fun, and I think I’d enjoy trying it. I was hoping we could even use a toy together, like a buttplug. Would you be up for it?”.


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