What Happens When Your Sex Drive is Too High?
Sep 15, 2023
Let’s explore hypersexuality and Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD), shedding light on these conditions, their impact on individuals, and the challenges they can pose.
Unpacking Emotions & How They Impact Body Confidence
Aug 23, 2023
Our emotional experiences are directly related to how we feel about our bodies. Our emotions act as messages—they tell us if something feels good, safe, scary, or awkward. 
Two Exercises To Change The Way You Think About Your Body
Aug 23, 2023
In this activity we’re going to write down some reflective questions that might be impacting our core beliefs about our body and appearance and reinforcing negative thought patterns. We’ll then spend some time re-framing and challenging them.
What Is Gender Dysphoria, and Where Should I Go For Help?
Aug 23, 2023
Gender dysphoria is a term used to describe the sense of disconnect that a person can feel between the body that they were born into, and the gender that they are. If someone’s body appears or behaves in a way that is not commonly in-step with their gender, they can experience gender dysphoria
How Culture Affects Our Body Confidence
Aug 23, 2023
Cultural influences can play a huge role in our sense of body confidence. From an early age we’re all exposed to a range of societal norms, beauty standards, and body ideals that can differ from culture to culture.
How Our Mental Biases Can Reinforce Poor Body Image (and what to do about it)
Aug 23, 2023
We now want to introduce you to two terms: confirmation bias, and negativity bias.Both Rashida and Georgia address these biases frequently in-session, and understanding how—and why—these biases arise can be really helpful. But first—what exactly are they?
Body Positivity, Body Neutrality and Body Confidence: What's the Difference?
Aug 23, 2023
This guide will address the type of relationship we can have with our bodies, how it might impact us in and outside of sexual experiences, and how we can change that relationship to help us feel more connected to ourselves and others.
When Should I See A Professional About Body Image?
Aug 23, 2023
We really strongly believe that the information and exercises contained in this guide can be super useful in understanding what body confidence is, how it affects us, and how we can work to increase our confidence and acceptance of ourselves.