Prioritising sex when you’re a parent
Apr 08, 2024
Between working, keeping the house presentable, grocery shopping, trying to maintain a social life, and attempting to sneak out to the gym or a yoga class every now and then, it’s no wonder that many parents say their sex life becomes virtually nonexistent after having kids. This is how you can prioritising sex when you’re a parent. 
Sex after childbirth—it’s possible. Here’s how
Apr 08, 2024
Having a child can be a joyful and profound experience, and it’s one that is accompanied by many changes. You’ll immediately get acquainted with dirty nappies, throw-up, and you’ll probably start sleeping in chunks of just a few hours. In this post we talk everything you need to know about sex after childbirth.
How to date after a divorce
Apr 08, 2024
If you’ve recently gotten divorced, you’re not alone. In this post we share how to date after a divorce. It’s worth getting back out there!
Sex in porn vs. sex IRL
Aug 01, 2023
We decided to explore some of the ways in which the sex we have in the real world differs to that of the sex we see in porn.
Is it my imagination, or is my period making me horny?
Jun 22, 2023
If you menstruate, you might’ve had a similar experience and wondered whether your sex drive can be affected by your period.