6 best types of vibrators for a mind-blowing orgasm

6 best types of vibrators for a mind-blowing orgasm

Nov 11, 2021Team NORMAL

Shopping for sex toys can feel seriously overwhelming.

It feels like there are millions of types of vibrators out there, each boasting their own unique features: rabbit vibrators, remote control vibrators, vibrators that glow in the dark (yes, this is an actual thing!).

We can’t say that there’s ‘one vibrator to rule them all’, because every body is different and the types of vibrators that we love might not be the right choice for you. But we can give you the insider scoop on just what to look for when investing in a new vibrator.

From price points and materials to noise levels, here are the six vibrator types that will give you a mind-blowing orgasm (and what to look for to find them).


Wand vibrators

wand vibrator

A quick ‘vibrator history’ lesson: the wand massager was originally sold as a massage device for sore muscles, but it didn’t take long before some cluey folks realised that a 'magic wand' could actually be used as a sex toy, to deliver mind-blowing orgasms.

A wand vibrator will have a sleek, slender body and a large, bulbous head. The head vibrates, and the long body allows you to manoeuvre the vibrator to reach any body part you desire.

A wand vibrator is generally too large to use for internal stimulation, but the size of the head makes it perfect for clitoral stimulation or external stimulation of the vulva, penis and testicles, or any erogenous zones you desire.

Realistically, your usage of a wand vibrator is limited only by your imagination: it doesn’t target any specific body part, so people of all genders can use them solo or during partner play

We recommend a magic wand for anyone who enjoys broad stimulation, or anyone who wants to incorporate a non-penetrative vibrator into partnered play.

Wand vibrators can be made of just about any material, but we suggest looking for a device made from body-safe silicone.

Some toys made of cheaper plastics, like basic silicones, may degrade over time, break easily, or even be porous—that is, have minuscule holes that absorb bacteria and make them difficult to keep clean.

Our Charlie wand vibe is made of body-safe silicone and sits in the middle of the average price range for wand vibrators.

You could spend a few hundred dollars on a more expensive 'smart wand' version or grab a cheapie for less than $100, but we recommend investing in something well-made and sustainable that you can keep using for years.



G-Spot vibrators

g spot vibrator

A g-spot vibrator is an internal vibrator designed to target the g-spot: the sensitive, erogenous zone (not just a spot!) on the front wall of the vagina.

If you're hoping to locate this zone, our sex educator Georgia Grace explained how to find yours in The Modern Guide to Sex

G-spot vibrators will often have a long, thin body with an end that curves upwards, although there are some other vibrators out there that are egg-shaped and designed to be held in the vagina for stimulation.

We prefer the longer devices, as they allow a greater degree of flexibility: by holding one end, you can move the vibe around to hit just the right spot.

Of course, you don’t only have to use a g-spot vibrator for g-spot stimulation. The vibrating end can be used on the vulva, nipples, penis, or testicles if you want a change of pace; although g-spot vibrators should never be used as anal vibrators unless they have a flared base or suction cup, as they can get stuck inside the anus.

When shopping for a g-spot vibrator, look for one that offers multiple vibration patterns and deep, rumbly vibrations instead of high-pitched buzzing vibrations. Those rumbles will offer extra stimulation, which can translate to intense g-spot orgasms and even squirting.

Unlike some similar toys, our Darcy g-spot vibrator can actually be used two ways: the long arm can be used for vaginal penetration, and the vibrating head can be used to provide targeted stimulation to the g-spot.

G-spot vibrators can vary in price, with more expensive models setting you back a few hundred dollars and cheaper options coming in at as low as $40.

However, cheap sex toys may not be made of body-safe materials and may not last as long as better-designed vibrators.



Clitoral vibrators 

clit vibrator

Within the last few years, vibrators that offer clitoral stimulation using suction have become a seriously big deal.

Unlike other clitoral stimulators that only rely on vibrating motions, newer vibrators are created specifically to sit snugly over the clitoris and use sonic waves to provide stimulation as well.

This sex tech can add a whole new dimension of pleasure, and it’s also a great option for people who want targeted clitoral stimulation but find direct pressure to be a bit too intense.

These are among the best vibrators if you want to replicate that feeling of someone giving you really amazing oral sex—if you’re into clitoral stimulation but haven’t tried one yet, we highly recommend it.

As these toys are made specifically to focus on the clitoris, they can’t be used for internal stimulation and they might be tricky to use on other body parts.

However, they can easily be used with other toys, like dildos or butt plugs, or with a partner during oral sex or foreplay. They’re a small and hand-held sex toy, which makes them super easy to use during penetration as well.

There are some really expensive clit vibrators on the market—we found one for $450, yikes!—but we don’t think you need to break the bank to find a great sex toy.

However, we do recommend avoiding cheaper ones unless you know for sure that they’re made of body-safe material and won’t break after only a few uses.

We also recommend checking to see what powers your clitoral vibrator. Older styles might use batteries, but newer ones—like our Quinn vibe—are USB rechargeable.

There’s nothing worse than your batteries dying in the middle of a sesh (we’ve all been there), so make sure your clit vibrator is as easy to charge up as our Quinn.



Bullet vibrators

bullet vibrator

We reckon bullet vibrators are massively underappreciated. Yes, many of us have memories of buying those buzzy little $10 bullets that seemed to break the moment you got them home—but the bullet vibrators of today are sleek, long-lasting, and ultra-powerful.

A bullet vibrator is, basically, bullet-shaped; and can be used to provide targeted stimulation to any body part you like. However, we should note that they can't be used as a vibrating butt plug unless they have a flared base. 

Bullet vibes can be used on the vulva, clitoris, nipples, penis, perineum, and testicles, and are easy to use during solo play or partnered sex. Read our guide on how to use a bullet vibrator for more tips.

If you like the idea of using toys during sex but want something small and discreet, a bullet vibe might be the perfect choice.

Bullet vibrators can range in price from very affordable (like the $10 cheapies we mentioned before) to more expensive (we’ve seen them for over $100).

However much you want to spend, remember to look for something made of body-safe material with multiple pleasure settings and vibrations that are more rumbly than buzzy.

We also recommend looking for a toy that is designed to be silent when used. If you live with someone else, or if you just have super-thin walls, it can be a bit awkward trying to use your toy within earshot of others.

Our Frankie bullet vibe is whisper quiet, meaning you get all the benefits of a lush and powerful vibe without ever having to worry that anyone will knock on your door and ask, "Hey, are you using the electric toothbrush in there?".

(Pro tip: if the 'classic bullet' Frankie isn't your style, the Billie is softer and designed to sit more snugly against your body!)



Vibrating cock rings

cock ring

Little vibrators that pack a lot of sheer power! A vibrating cock ring is a wearable vibrator designed to sit snugly around the base of the penis.

They can be used during penetrative sex to add stimulation to both the penis and the partner’s anus, clitoris, or vulva; although they can certainly be used during solo play or even oral sex as well. 

The vibrations can stimulate the penis and testicles, while the snug ring can help increase the strength and duration of erections.

Wearing a cock ring feels like having someone grip you snugly around the base of your shaft, and wearing a vibrating cock ring feels like finally getting to find out exactly what is so good about using a vibrator—trust us, you’ll be impressed.

Cock rings come in all different shapes and sizes and can be found in materials like steel, rubber, and silicone.

When using a cock ring, or any wearable vibrator, it’s super important to make sure you’re not wearing something that’s too tight for your body. If you start to feel any pain, numbness, or tingling around your penis, the ring should be removed immediately.

We recommend rubber or silicone cock rings over steel—steel is inflexible, whereas rubber and silicone allow for some stretch based on your girth.

Our Flynn cock ring is really flexible and ideal for all girths. We also recommend spreading some lube around the base of the penis and the inside of the cock ring before use, to prevent any painful chafing or tugging.

Vibrating cock rings are a little more expensive than standard cock rings. You can have change left from a $50 after buying a cheaper cock ring, while more expensive versions can set you back $100 or so.


To clean your cock ring, we recommend an antibacterial spray or wipe, or a purpose-made sex toy cleaner—we actually made our own cleaner, because we wanted a really great one.



Rabbit vibrators

rabbit vibrator

If you want to combine internal and external stimulation, a rabbit vibrator is the way to go. These sex toys have a long body for penetration and one or two ‘rabbit ears’ at the base.

The rabbit ears vibrate, stimulating the external clitoris and vulva which gives the feeling of having someone touch you during partnered sex.

Rabbit style vibrators are designed to be used internally (for penetration) and externally (as a clit stimulator) at the same time, and any rabbit vibrator worth its salt will provide multiple vibration modes so you can vary the sensations you experience.

We highly recommend experimenting with the vibration settings on your toys to find out what works for you: each setting can match your mood and set you up for a long, lazy session of self-indulgence or a hot-and-heavy quickie.

Rabbit vibrators are ideal for anyone looking to spice up masturbation, although there’s nothing to say you can’t use one with your partner as well.

Make sure your vibe is made of body-safe silicone, and consider using lube with your rabbit vibrator as well. This can make penetration easier and lessen your chance of accidentally tugging or pulling on your delicate skin in the heat of the moment.

Keep in mind that not all toys can be used with all lubes. Our Piper rabbit vibe, for example, is made of high-quality, body-safe silicone, so it should always be used with water-based lube because silicone lube can degrade silicone toys over time.

Rabbit vibrators can also be covered with a condom, if you're planning on sharing your toys with a partner.



If none of these vibrators sound like they would suit you, explore our Epic Guide to All of the Sex Toys for some more options which might catch your attention. 

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